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Buy wide bistro aprons cheap and have them embroidered with your own logo

Bistro aprons for somewhat stronger ladies and gentlemen are often in demand in catering establishments. These are not offered by too many manufacturers. We have therefore included some of the wide bistro aprons in our online shop. Just browse a little in our offers. Wide bistro aprons can also be refined with a logo or lettering. This is particularly worthwhile for commercial use. Of course a wide bistro apron with logo can also be chic for hobby cooks. At cotton ART you can buy wide bistro aprons at a reasonable price.


Why buy extra wide bistro aprons

Not all people have a slim figure. Stronger people also need well-fitting bistro aprons that also look attractive. Exactly these models are available in our category bistro aprons extra wide. Here we offer models from Link®. These have a width of 120 cm. In length you measure 100 cm. These are therefore long bistro aprons. If you prefer to wear bistro aprons short, you should look in the category bistro aprons extra wide. Here you will find a range of classic and modern bistro aprons short.

With us you can embroider the bistro aprons or have them printed. Choose a suitable logo, which is also ideally suited to the bistro aprons. A bistro apron embroidered with a name also looks good and attracts attention.


This is what wide bistro aprons look like

Wide bistro aprons usually show up in a classic cut. This is standard in the gastronomy industry and also fits every figure. In addition, a ladies' blouse or a men's shirt can be super combined with the bistro aprons. Already the outfit is complete.

The wide bistro aprons are made of a high-quality blended fabric.

In most cases this consists of 65% polyester and 35% cotton.

With a grammage of 240 g/m2, wide bistro aprons are hard-wearing and robust. These properties make the aprons ideal for use in the catering industry. The logo also adheres perfectly to the fabric. Therefore, you can have your bistro aprons printed and embroidered without hesitation.


Special features of the bistro aprons extra wide

In addition to the extra wide shape, these bistro aprons can also score points with other features. For example, we have bistro aprons with pockets in our range. The bistro aprons with pocket are useful for storing pens, notepads and other work utensils. These are then also quickly to hand.

Bistro aprons with slits are also worth your money. The walking slit contributes to a high comfort. Due to the gap in the apron there is a lot of freedom of movement. Employees feel comfortable all day long in the bistro aprons with slit. In our online shop you can take a look at the different versions of bistro aprons with walking slit.

The Link® models are available in many colours. These range from simple shades to eye-catching colours. Bistro aprons black are among the standard variants. They look respectable, but are also not very eye-catching. If you are looking for something special, you should look around for other colours.

If you decide on bistro aprons green or bistro aprons red, your service staff will definitely be an eye-catcher.

The embroidered company logo on bistro aprons rounds off the entire design perfectly.


Bistro aprons inexpensively embroidered and printed

You can buy some bistro aprons from us that are extra wide. Whether you want the bistro aprons embroidered or printed is up to you. Of course you can also order the articles without any finishing.

We can provide your bistro aprons with a logo. You can choose whether you prefer to receive the bistro aprons with print or with embroidery. You can easily upload your individual motif online when you submit a request for refinement. You will then receive a non-binding offer from us, in which all costs are already included.