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Bistro aprons in strip design buy cheap and have them printed

Striped bistro aprons can be a good alternative to plain models. With the striped design, they also look very classy and leave a good impression on guests and customers. In combination with individual embroidery or printing, your catering business will certainly remain in the minds of your customers. Our cotton ART team can embroider or print your striped bistro aprons. Then you will receive chic bistro aprons with logo. You can also buy striped bistro aprons from us for a reasonable price without having them refined.


Great design of the striped bistro aprons

Characteristic for bistro aprons are the stripes along the length. These are very narrow and extend over the entire width and length of the apron. The distance between the individual strips is the same. Popular are for example bistro aprons black with white stripes. Models with light brown stripes are also available. Colourful variants of striped aprons are very rare. This is because bistro aprons with stripes are supposed to look classy and serious. Therefore, red or green bistro aprons are usually not offered.

The striped bistro aprons in this category are long. They reach almost to the floor. Manufacturers of bistro aprons, like

  • CG® and
  • Greiff®

specify a length of approximately 100 cm. If you are looking for bistro aprons short you should have a look at the category bistro aprons short. There you can buy the corresponding bistro aprons. Of course you can also get these aprons embroidered and printed on request.


Material of the bistro aprons striped

For most bistro aprons a mixed fabric is used. You will often find a combination of 65% polyester with 35% cotton. This composition ensures the durability and robustness of the bistro aprons. Other models also convince with the processing of 100 % cotton. However, durability depends not only on the material but also on the thickness of the aprons. The grammage is

  • 200 g/m2 or
  • 215 g/m2.

With this equipment, they withstand the conditions of everyday work and cooking at home. If you want to embroider bistro aprons or have bistro aprons printed, the finish on the material will last forever. This applies both to bistro aprons with an imprint and to bistro aprons embroidered with names.


Further features of the bistro aprons

In addition to the striped design and the high-quality fabric, bistro aprons striped have other features. For example, there are also bistro aprons with a slit. Bistro aprons with a walking slit are particularly comfortable. The slit is located at the front in the middle of the aprons. This allows wearers to take larger steps without being restricted in their freedom of movement, so bistro aprons with a slit are always a good choice. We do not have bistro aprons with pockets in our range. If you need them in any case, you can buy a separate bag for your bistro aprons at a reasonable price. This is attached with the help of a belt. Then you can stow all necessary work utensils in the bag. For employees in the service department, it is particularly important to keep their wallet in a pocket when using bistro aprons with a bag.


Embroider and print bistro aprons inexpensively

In our online shop you have the possibility to have a look at all bistro aprons striped. This applies to the colours and dimensions as well as the cut of the bistro aprons. Once you have decided on a model, you can order it from us in any quantity. We are happy to refine your bistro aprons with logo or bistro aprons with name. In order to make you an offer for personalization, simply fill out the inquiry form. Here you can also upload your desired motif online.

Are you still not sure which model to choose? Are you still hesitating between two variants or are you undecided about the choice of colour? Then you can order a few bistro aprons on trial to see them in reality and not just on the screen or in the catalogue.